Rail trail smoothed over

Dear Editor,

In the January 17 edition of the Bellarine Times a story and photo of me complaining about the state of the Bellarine Rail Trail was published.

On Friday February 24 the Portarlington Pedallers rode the trail from Drysdale to Queenscliff return. This time we were absolutely delighted by the improvements to the trail surfaces. Rather than being totally consumed with trying to stay upright, we were able to totally enjoy the ride and the accompanying scenery.

We would like to congratulate and thank Geelong Mayor Cr John Mitchell, his works manager and staff for their quick response to our concerns, and the thoughtful way they have replaced the previous dangerous surfaces with smooth and stable gravel, how they have graded the trail to eliminate uneveness and rutting, and generally returned the trail to a first class cycleway.

We note that further work is being undertaken at Curlewis and when this link is finished the Bellarine Rail Trail will be one of the finest in the state and a certain draw card for cycling visitors.

Bruce Murray
Clifton Springs