City of Greater Geelong: Mayor’s Column

Drysdale town centre expansion
We recently conducted an Enquiry by Design process for the proposed Drysdale town centre expansion.

Enquiry by Design is a process involving multiple workshops that aim to examine and deconstruct complex planning issues and determine future directions. The workshops involve collaboration between government, agencies and the local community.

The Drysdale Town Centre Enquiry by Design was held at the Springdale Neighbourhood Centre early last month. Participants were invited from the State Government, Council, key agencies and members of the Drysdale community.

The group assisted with the development of a master plan for the proposed town centre expansion. Specifically, they determined future directions for:

  • Existing business-zoned land and site development opportunities, particularly at identified development sites;
  • Built forms and streetscapes (treatments within the public domain including pavement, street planting and parking arrangements);
  • Street access and connections (pedestrian and vehicle traffic);
  • Parking arrangements on and off street;
  • Redevelopment of the existing Town Centre.

The workshops were very successful and a draft master plan is currently being finalised. This will be available for public review in the coming months.

Drysdale drainage works
Works have begun on improving the drainage along Collins Street and Clifton Springs Road in Drysdale after a number of flooding issues late last year.

After meeting with residents and conducting inspections in December, we are in the final stages of determining the best course of action for works to mitigate the risk of future floods.

A pump and sump pit is being considered to pump water out to Clifton Springs Road, and we are currently looking into ways to continue pumping the water off Clifton Springs Road.

Other plans for permanent works at this location are divided into two stages:

  • Stage 1: Pipe drainage and major inlet pits to be constructed from Collins Street through the Bowling Club to Clifton Springs Road;
  • Stage 2: Pipe drainage and major inlet pits to be constructed from Clifton Springs Road via Hancock Street to Wyndham Street and McLeods Waterholes.

Once complete, the works will ensure these streets will be able to better cope with extreme rain events. We thank residents for their co-operation and patience during this time as we seek to provide a safe, effective and permanent solution to this issue.

As most people know – particularly those who live on the Bellarine – the warm weather at this time of year is always accompanied by an increase in mosquitos.

To help reduce the numbers every year we run a mosquito management program of monitoring and treating known breeding sites. Since August last year we have treated approximately 2000 hectares of wetlands on the Bellarine Peninsula by helicopter for mosquito larvae.

The large areas of natural wetlands throughout the Bellarine Region represent the natural habitat for the mosquitos, so we regularly monitor these areas and allocate treatment resources accordingly.

Results from mosquito trapping in early January showed relatively small numbers of mosquitoes in Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads and Breamlea when compared to previous years, but we are still closely monitoring the sites and treating where necessary.

Mosquito levels are affected by temperatures, rainfall, tides and wind conditions and levels vary from year to year. Recent high tides around the area have flooded wetlands and helicopter treatments for mosquito larvae are expected to occur this week.

Remember to keep an eye on any potential mosquito breeding areas around your home and empty any uncovered rainwater tanks, unused swimming pools, spas or fish ponds and water containers such as bird baths, old tyres, pot plants and buckets on a regular basis.

Protect yourself against mosquito bites by wearing clothing that is light coloured and loose fitting, and covers your arms and legs and by using an effective insect repellent.

Cr John Mitchell
Mayor, City of Greater Geelong