Treat your mind, body and spirit at Mt Duneed

Business Buzz; Andrew Burchell

Sports kinesiologist Andrew Burchell enjoys the view from his new practice on top of Mt Duneed.

Sports kinesiology is a cutting edge treatment – a holistic look at mind, body and spirit, with the ultimate goal of performing at potential.

After six years of human movement and specialised studies, sports kinesiologist Andrew Burchell is revelling in his new practice, looking out over the picturesque valley from the top of Mt Duneed.

According to Mr Burchell, sports kinesiology is a culmination of advanced philosophies, techniques and procedures from orthopaedic medical science and holistic kinesiology, incorporating sports medicine, sports science, performance training, recovery and rehabilitation, nutrition and nutritional biochemistry, psychology and the energetic sciences.

“It’s really unlimited, you can come in with a work issue, stress, anxiety, a sports injury, posture, nutrition, allergy, an emotional or spiritual issue. It’s all interrelated.

“The main goal of sports kinesiology is to eliminate stress patterns and correct imbalances.”

The concept behind this field of medicine is to fix problems, not only from physical injury or ailment, but also those traceable back to other areas of one’s life, and can be utilised as a preventative treatment as well.

After consultation and goal assessment, a typical session with Mr Burchell incorporates a variety of resistance activities, alignment and correction, balance, strength and exercise training.

It can also be used successfully in conjunction with all other forms of treatments.

Unique is only one word to describe Mr Burchell’s eco-gym, once an old shearing shed, but now totally fitted out, complete with treatment room, a consultation couch area, gym apparatus and office.

Mr Burchell has been treating clients from all around Geelong, Torquay and the Bellarine Peninsula, and is keen to get the word out there on his beautiful practice and the limitless possibilities of sports kinesiology.

With sports at the elite level embracing a range of treatments today, Mr Burchell sees an exciting future working in sports kinesiology, and loves to work with athletes to reach their goals, full potential and push performance boundaries.

To find out more, contact Mr Burchell on 0412 348 454 or pop in to the 20 Mount Duneed Road practice.